Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Local Moving Company

A local moving company saves you a lot of time and energy. It is one of the most convenient services to hire when shifting to a new apartment. You and your family can drive to the new location in an immensely relaxed state of mind because a moving company is there to look after your possessions.

You are free from the stress and hassle of shifting to a new location. No worries of lifting heavy furniture and unloading the rented van. You also don’t have to be anxious about your valuables breaking during road jerks or something falling off the van roof. A good moving company will never let that happen and will guarantee the best service delivery possible.

In order to ensure that you get the maximum benefits of hiring a local moving company, it is important to go through the do’s and don’ts of it first. The following steps will guide you on how to avail the services of local moving companies.

DO Portray an Educated Citizen

This goes without saying that you must have a proper written document against this service. A document that has certain terms and conditions as well as the signatures of both the parties involved, i.e. the service company and the customer is a necessary security measure. You cannot afford to give away all your valuables to a cheat.

DON’T Go For a Cash Payment

It is always advised to avoid paying in cash because you cannot trace it in case you have been scammed. Credit card payment is considered safe but caution is still recommended, especially when making an online payment.

DO Clarify Ambiguities

For each and everything that bothers you in the agreement or service delivery process; don’t ever feel shy of asking for clarification. A moving company should respond to your queries since you are the one who is paying them for handling your belongings.

DON’T Handover Valuables

You can pack everything in labeled boxes, except valuables such as precious jewelry, documents, etc. because these boxes are carried by movers and you cannot rely on anyone with such items. These items must always be with you while moving to a new location.

DO Make a List

You should maintain a detailed list of all the boxes and the inventory contained within each box, so that you can check if something is missing. You will be in the position to ensure that not even a single item is missing and whatever was packed in the old location has landed into the new apartment safely.

DON’T Make Full Payment

You should never pay the full amount of service charges in one go, instead wait for a while. Once you hit your new location, unpack each box and count the inventory. Be fully satisfied that every item is there in good shape. Moving companies ask customers to sign a document that verifies that all items have been transported safely with nothing broken or lost; you must not sign such a document before verification. Once you are satisfied; you can then sign and make full payment.

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