All You Need to Know When You Are Moving with Pets

Moving can be a stressful thing for most people, however, it is even more so for your pets, since they like to be in familiar surroundings and being introduced to a new environment is equally daunting for them as it is for you. The thought of leaving your beloved family pet behind when you are moving is unthinkable, and careful planning will help you avoid any hassles when you are relocating with a pet. It will also ensure that your pet adjusts seamlessly into their new environment, which is why you should look at the following steps when moving with pets to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and for your pet.

State Rules and Regulations

All states have their own laws and rules regarding the entrance of pets into the state. You should ensure that you learn about the regulations and license fees for the pet, by contacting the veterinarian of the state you are moving into. It is essential that you learn all the laws regarding the entrance of pets into the state you move into to avoid any legal action later.

Visit the Veterinarian

Almost all states require a verification health certificate for your pet which lists all the vaccinations of your pet and confirms that your pet does not have any infectious diseases. Keep the certificate with you and use it when travelling to the new state.

Identification For Your Pet

It is important that you make a separate identification tag for your pet when moving into a new state, so that it may come in hand during an emergency or if the pet gets lost. Place your new home address, phone number, your name and the pet’s name.

Making the Pet Familiar

After your move it is essential that you make your pet get accustomed to its new environment. You can easily do that by placing your pets food and water dishes exactly where they were in the old home, and bringing out their toys and blankets to make them feel at home. Keeping your pets things in the same location as they were in your old home, will make it less daunting for the pets to get acquainted to their new surroundings.

Moving Your Pet by Airplane

When you are moving your pet through airplane, you should:

  • Learn about the rules and regulations for pets on the airline and also the travel costs and insurance for the pet.
  • Ensure that you book in advance for your pet, since approval for pets is granted on first come basis.
  • Ensure that the pet is well fed before the flight and give them water at least 2 hours before take-off.

Moving Your Pet by Auto

When you are moving your pet by auto, you should:

  • Travel with all of your pet’s things, which should includes food, water, favourite toys and some treats.
  • Ensure that your pet is well accustomed to travel in a car.
  • Don’t feed the pet regularly during the trip and check regularly on them. A few stops along the way will also make the trip less upsetting for the pet.

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