A Guide to Help You in Your Move to Annapolis

Moving can be a tedious task. There are just too many things that need to be done before the moving day and people often realize on the eleventh hour that they have forgotten to do some of them. If you are planning a move, here is a checklist of activities you should do prior to moving day:

The first thing you need to do is decide a moving date that suits your family’s schedule. It is much better to select a weekday for moving since you can find more moving companies available.

Next you need to select professional movers to transport your belongings. Assessing movers is a critical process and you should research your options carefully before you make a decision. While you are selecting a moving company, make sure to evaluate all their service factors and not just price.

You need to ensure that your belongings are insured for transportation. Check with the moving companies about their insurance packages and the items that will be covered under it.

Make sure that your new place is thoroughly cleaned before you move in. You can clean it yourself if it suits you. However, it is advisable to use the services of professional cleaners at least once before you move. You can also ask your movers if they provide cleaning services or not.

Before you start the packing procedure, start de-cluttering your house of unnecessary things such as clothes, utensils or furniture that you don’t plan to use anymore. Anything that needs to go to the cleaner should be sent before you start to pack.

Pack your bare essentials separately including a few clothes and your toiletries before everything else is packed away.

Make sure the boxes are labeled according to the rooms they are needed to go in so that the movers can deliver them accordingly.

Make sure that your kids and pets are being taken care of on the day of the move. A move can be quite disturbing for kids and they often get in the way of movers.

If you keep spare keys with a friend, neighbor or family member, or at any other place, collect them all to hand over to the new owners. If there is anything you need to inform the new owners about, you can make them an instruction file.

Make sure to leave your new address with the new owners so that they can forward any messages that arrive for you after you move out.

Get your newspaper, telephone and internet services discontinued before you move.

Leave your new address with the postal services in order to get them forwarded there.

Inform people about your new address including your friends, family, colleagues, employers, credit card companies, banks, pension providers, and your kid’s school. It is also legally essential to get your vehicle registration documents and driving license renewed.

Get the locks of your new house changed to ensure security. The previous owners may have provided spare keys to someone and forgotten to take them back.

On the day of the move, be available to help out the moving companies. Help them in finding the address and make sure they deliver boxes to the right rooms.

If you plan your move well in advance and follow these guidelines, you will find that it is not as difficult a task as you may think. If you are in a mood to enjoy your move rather than worried about it and can afford the luxury, you can even hire a professional moving specialist to handle all these things for you while you sit back and enjoy.

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