A Few Tips to Prepare for Moving

To prepare for a move is rather more time consuming than the actual physical move. It calls for thorough planning in order to ensure an efficient execution. However, mismanagement can really ruin the entire execution. For you to keep away from such an unpleasant experience; here are some moving preparation tips that can lead you to a proper and well-planned move.

Clear-Out Hidden Spots

At least one month prior to your move, you should clear-out different spots within the house to get rid of unnecessary objects that you might have dumped in the basement, store rooms, or closets over a period of years. You can do away with these items in three ways: a) donate them, b) sell them, or c) throw them in the garbage. Though selling is a time consuming task, but it can bring in some money to pay for certain moving expenses.

Supplies to Organize

You should also buy and keep cleaning and/or packing supplies in all the rooms so that whatever family members think is an extra item can be thrown in the trash bags. Useful materials and objects can be packed in the provided boxes or containers. This way, the workload is divided among all family members and a more organized cleaning/packing process takes place.

Functional Labels and Checklists

With all the packing bags, boxes, and containers, you must attach lists of items within them so that unpacking doesn’t turn out to be a mess. It will also act as a checklist against which you can count items to be moved to the new location. Those items that are not used on a daily basis can be packed several weeks before moving, such as pictures/sceneries, travel guides, entertainment magazines, etc.

Search, Qualify, and Negotiate

Searching for and qualifying a number of reputable movers need to be done early, such as a month before moving. This way you will be in a position to understand the terms and conditions while gathering customer opinions and experiences pertaining to a specific moving company. Proper and thoughtful negotiation cannot be done in a hurry like a week before the actual move, so do give it some time.

Utilities, Mails, and Your Contacts

Now comes the time to arrange for utilities, mails, and the people you may contact in an emergency (like a family doctor). You should arrange for disconnecting utilities at least a couple of weeks prior to the move, along with arranging for your mails to be forwarded to the new address. You should also contact your doctor, lawyer, and other important persons regarding your new number and address, so that communication breakdown does not occur.

Last Moment Check-Out

When there are only a few days remaining to the move, you should completely clean your house, empty the refrigerator and defrost it, return anything borrowed such as a book from the library, assemble all important documents in labeled files, and keep all regularly used items in separate labeled boxes so that you can unpack these boxes immediately you hit your new location.

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