9 Signs You are Dealing with a Bad Moving Company

Are you planning to move? Yes, you will have to hire a reputable company for the job. But how do you gauge the credibility of the moving company. If any of the following is true about your moving company, it will probably not provide you with quality services.

1. The company has no address

Whichever moving company you choose, they must have set up an office of their own. Any reputable moving company has a proper office from there they manage all of their operations. If this is not so, the moving company is likely a fraud.

2. The company asks you for a large deposit before the move

Generally, a reputable moving company asks an upfront amount on the day of the move itself. However, this amount is only a percentage of the estimated costs. You have to pay the remaining price when the move is over. If your chosen mover demands a huge amount prior to the move, they is just falling around and will probably not even show up on moving day.

3. The company does not accept credit cards

Reputable moving companies accept a number of payment methods including cash, money orders, check and credit cards. Unreliable ones only demand cash.

4. The company is a moving broker

A moving broker is a company which does not handle the move by themselves, but instead assigns the job to a third party. Reliable moving companies always handle the job themselves from start to finish.

5. The company has no logo on their trucks

A logo on the mobbing trust is an obvious sign of the credibility of the company. If this is not so with your moving company, they are probably not even registered with the concerned authorities.

6. The company provides you with a very low or no estimate

All moving companies have to provide you with an estimate before the move which is based on the distance you are moving and the weight of your belongings. If a moving company does not give you this, they will probably charge you excessive amounts once the move is over. The same is the possibility when the company provides you with a very low estimate.

7. The company does not inspect your house visually

Since moving costs depend on weight, a moving company must inspect your house visually and determine the average weight of your belongings. Until, they do this, the estimates will never be accurate, and you will have to pay an excessive price later on.

8. The company has poor ratings online

Online ratings are available for many moving companies. Go through these and make sure the company you opt for has acceptable ratings and positive reviews. If the company is not reliable, you will either find the rating to be low or the company will be blacklisted with BBB.

9. The company does not sign any written agreement

If a moving company does not sign any written agreement, there is a good chance they will step back on their words later on

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